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In loving memory of my precious fur-babies, Ty and Tini, who brought so much joy, love and peace to the office and our world. The outpouring of love after both of their passings from the clients who had the chance to meet them, has meant the world to me. I miss seeing them shower everyone with love and bringing smiles to everyone's faces. The office will never be the same without them.

Tyson Aziz

8/4/04 - 11/7/18


Martini Aziz

8/4/04 - 2/9/19


Their pure, beautiful love, immense kindness and incredible strength, made me a better human and guided me to who I always should've been. They're both still loved so very much and greatly missed by my family, friends, clients and most of all, myself. I was the luckiest person in the universe because I got to be their mom. I had them from age 26 1/2 - almost 41. They comforted me through difficult times, taught me so much, and brought indescribable joy to my life. Not having them with me and not seeing their beautiful, precious little faces every day, is the absolute worst pain that I've ever felt. But, I will continue to live my life as they did and as they would want me to, enjoying it to the fullest. 

Here are a few pictures of my boys w/some of my clients, who absolutely loved them. After they passed away, they would say that the office wasn't the same without them. They missed their love, their kisses, the pitter patter of their little feet and even their little snores. :) 


Also pictured, are pictures of myself w/a few precious rescued farm animals at a sanctuary, who needed Medical Massage and energy work. Ty and Tini opened up my heart on a whole new level to the animal kingdom.

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