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Hi everyone. I recently moved to CA for the 2nd. (and final) time from the east coast and I'll start seeing clients in May of 2023! I look forward to meeting all of you! :)


I've been recovering from cancer treatment for the last 2 1/2 years and I'm so excited to be starting this next chapter. A little information about my cancer journey is on my cancer survivor update page. Below is a brief summary of what I mainly do in my practice, my holistic educational background and just a few things about me.

Health and Wellness and energy therapy:

We live in a world of severely distorted and imbalanced masculine and feminine energies. They have led to generational cycles of unhealthy conditioned behaviors that are not in alignment with our true selves, which is why so many people are unhappy. Many of us have been conditioned in such a way that we didn't learn how to have a healthy relationship with ourselves, which is the most important relationship that we will ever have and what sets the tone for everything in our lives. I created my practice because of this and because I not only have known suffering, I understand the root causes of it, transcended them and unexpectedly became someone who shares what I learned with others so that they can understand, prevent and overcome theirs. I also address any stressful issues going on in someone's life, because not everyone needs help with trauma. Sometimes it's just about learning how to be healthier in various areas and finding balance in life.

I do this with a tremendous amount of empathy and a non-judgemental attitude. I let people know that they're not alone and that there is hope and support for them. It's not just about removing blockages, it's about learning healthy habits, shifting perspectives and most importantly, loving, respecting and connecting with yourself, nature and implementing healthy boundaries. 

I follow my intuition with each client and share what I feel will be the most beneficial for them. I never force anything on anyone, I just simply share the information and it is always up to the clients whether they use that information or not. No one else can change or heal you. You change or heal yourself by becoming more aware/conscious and respecting yourself enough to put in the effort to be the best version of yourself.

During the wellness sessions, clients and I have a very in depth health and wellness talk first, which is what actually helps people the most. It's lasted 2 - 4 hours in many cases, but not all; other times it's about 2 hours, everyone is different. It varies from person to person because I like to give my clients time to express whatever they need to express and also because I go over as much as I possibly can about their childhood trauma (if any), anything major that's affected them, their habits, relationships, who they surround themselves with, their self - talk, nutrition and anything else that could be affecting their overall health and wellness. This is vital because they all play a factor in how we get blocked, feel stressed, lost, imbalanced and so on. So understanding the roots causes, how to start having healthier habits/how to help heal yourself and learning new perspectives, is an absolute must in my practice. Just having a practitioner remove blockages doesn't help if you don't understand the root causes, how to fix the issues, if you don't gain new perspectives and prevent things from causing you stress and forming blockages.


It's important to understand how things from the past affected you and expressing how you feel, which helps to release that energy, but it's more important to learn about the solutions and healthy lifestyle habits to shift away from those issues. The energy work comes after the talk and lasts for about 30 - 40 minutes. So just be prepared to have at least a 2 hour session. I don't just work on the chakras, but also the energy meridians in the body, based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and calming the nervous system.


I always follow up with my clients to see how they're doing. They don't just leave the office and that's it. I share a great deal of information to help them, not just in the healing process, but with life in general. So within 24 hours, I send a long, detailed wellness e-mail. It has a myriad of resources to help them feel better; anything from nutrition, different types of activities/meditative practices for clearing, calming and balancing their nervous system and energy fields, how to balance things in their home, videos about how our brains get wired and how we can re - wire them, learning healthier habits, inspirational videos/literature and patients also follow my social media for daily or weekly boosts and guidance.

Over the last 11 years I've formed beautiful friendships with many of my clients. I absolutely love what I do, how it's evolved, formed wonderful connections, witnessed people implement healthy changes into their lives and feeling better. 


I'm a sensitive and can connect with guides on "the other side" and I share the information that they show me with my clients. Many times it's messages to help them in some way and other times it's a loved one just saying hello and sending their love. I never know if messages will come through, but I always let new clients know about this ahead of time.

Holistic/educational background:


I went back to school when I was 32 to study TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Pathology, Kinesiology, Medical Massage and Holistic Health at New York College of Health Professions for Massage Therapy. I then started practicing medical, sports, pre-natal, Amma (Chinese/Japanese massage) and deep tissue massages, Myofascial release and acupressure in 2012, both back home in New York and when I lived in Los Angeles for a short time. I retired from that in 2016 (for several years) to then practice Health and Wellness and Reiki therapy mixed in with working on the energy meridians of the body after feeling a strong pull to do so. My practice is a culmination of what I learned in those fields, but more of my own personal life experiences and what I've learned along the way. Overcoming trials and tribulations has helped me to relate to people on many different levels. I share the lessons from everything that I've learned to help guide others on their journey of self - discovery, self - healing, and growth.

On a personal level, I'm a vegan and absolutely love animals, as well as traveling, reading, writing, dancing, watching Asian dramas :D, pottery, spending time with loved ones, being in nature, raising awareness about animal welfare and being eco - conscious and boxing/kick boxing (against a heavy bag, not people). There is a link to my wellness Instagram page, where you can also find my personal page. So please feel free to follow both. I use them to share important information.


Shabana A.
Health and Wellness Practitioner

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